Grosvenor Casinos

TCS John Huxley

Blackjack Assessment

All entrants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Chip work and dexterity
  • Asset/game protection
  • Float management
  • Customer service and communication
  • 7 timed payout calculations

Customer Service

Things to consider from a customer service perspective:

  • Have you contributed to ensuring the customer has fantastic customer service time after time?
  • Are you aware of the different demands that both ‘New’ and ‘Regular’ customers require, and do they use this to ensure the service is appropriate?
  • How positive is your approach when you handle a difficult customer or complaint?

What the Judges will be looking for

  • Customer service
  • Polite and courteous
  • Conforms to grooming standards
  • Greets Players and Maintains customer interaction
  • Maintains positive image and body language
  • Responds Actively to Players' needs

Chip Work and Dexterity

  • Shuffling the cards
  • Cuts, positions and then moves chips correctly
  • Game Knowledge (split/double/insurance, etc)
  • Placement of cards

Asset and Game Protection

  • Protects winning areas
  • Maintains table security, Focuses on table activity
  • Shows clean hands
  • Calls games loudly and clearly
  • Communicates clearly and accurately
  • Remains calm under pressure

Float Management

  • Maintains readable float
  • Uses both hands correctly when paying out

Blackjack Payout Test

  • Timed payout calculations