Grosvenor Casinos

TCS John Huxley

  • Each casino will conduct their in-house competitions between 5th June – 28th August.
  • To qualify for the less than 2-year experience competition the candidate must have started on the gaming floor on or after 28th August 2015.
  • You will be asked to deal on roulette for 4 spins which will include announce bets each spin, then complete a bet calculation and cash conversion exercise.
  • You will shuffle and deal on blackjack for 5 hands then complete a blackjack pay-out test.
  • Whilst completing your table test you will be scored against the following criteria; customer service, chip work & dexterity, asset & game protection, float management and communication.
  • The scores from all four parts of the test will be combined and the winner will be the person with the highest score.
  • A club champion and less than two-year experienced champion from each club will progress to the regional finals being held during September and October.
  • One under two-year experienced regional champion and one over two-year experienced regional champion will progress from each of the five regions to participate in the grand finals in November.


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