The 2019 National Dealer Skills Championship (Club Stage) follows last year’s totally redesigned format, with a new scoring system which minimises subjectivity and enables you to score your team members quickly, fairly and easily.

  • The competition is set at two levels, one for entrants with over two years’ gaming experience, and the second for entrants with less than two years’ gaming experience.
  • A minimum of 5 people must participate for each category (under 2 and over 2 years) to be valid. If you do not have 5 or more dealers in your club you can work with local casinos to create a combined under 2 year competition.
  • Group Stage: All clubs are split into five regions (see Regional Final Groupings). Your Club Champions will compete against other Club Champions in their Regional Final. The over and under 2 years’ winners from these groups will progress to the Grand Final.
  • All dealers who started dealing after 26th August 2017 are eligible to enter the under 2 year category.
  • All of the core skills have been broken down into timed ‘drills’ which require you to do nothing more than observe and time the events, whilst marking down any prescribed errors.

The team members are given an amount of points at the start of each event and they try to keep as many of those points as they can by performing the drills with as few errors as possible.